In the four games since he moved to a reserve role, Wolves point guard Jeff Teague is just six of 25 from the field — including 27 minutes, 44 seconds in Wednesday's loss at Dallas in which he was 0-for-5.

Teague is making $19 million in the last season of his three-year deal, and during Wednesday's game Wolves analyst Jim Petersen offered a blunt but honest assessment of Teague's production — giving voice to what is plain to see.

"Jeff Teague needs to start playing like a veteran player, and he needs to start producing," Petersen said late in the second quarter after a bad pass by Teague led to a turnover. "Because he is being paid like a top-level point guard in this league. … He turns down way too many open jump shots. I just think Jeff has the talent to do it. I don't know if he's injured, but you can't turn down open shots. When you turn down open perimeter jump shots, you hurt your team."

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