Strong winds whipping across Lake Mille Lacs have pushed mountains of ice into residential backyards along the southeastern shore.

Documentation of Monday’s multi-ton uninvited visit was posted on Facebook by Johnson’s Portside marina just north of Isle.

While property damage looks pretty extensive to at least one home based on the video, no injuries have been reported.

“Saw some piles about 30 feet high on the east side,” the marina’s Steve Johnson said in a follow-up video with mountains of ice as his backdrop. “One cabin was seeing some damage done.”

Johnson estimated the winds were blowing in the vicinity of 40 mph at one point.

In the meantime and possibly with tongue in cheek, Johnson said he is selling some of the ice in bags and buckets as keepsakes.

Either way, parents and children came down and posed for pictures with the icy white mounds as a backdrop.