1. Steelers (10-0)

Yeah, so much for that trap game. After falling behind 3-0, Pittsburgh forced six punts and five turnovers while holding the Jags to 206 yards.

2. Chiefs (9-1)

Patrick Mahomes has made miracle comebacks boring.

3. Saints (8-2)

Trailing by a point, here's how Atlanta opened the second half against the Saints defense: Three-and-out, three-and-out, three-and-out, interception.

4. Rams (7-3)

The Rams have won two in a row while holding Russell Wilson and Tom Brady to a combined 40 points. Defense does indeed still come in handy.

5. Bills (7-3)

Hopefully, Leslie Frazier spent the bye week fixing his 28th-ranked run defense. He should get a break with a Chargers running game that had 29 yards on 26 carries last week.

6. Seahawks (7-3)

In 10 games, they have allowed fewer than 23 points once. And they're a top-six team. Welcome to 2020.

7. Buccaneers (7-4)

Question: Would a person be struck by lightning if he were to say Brady isn't playing well under pressure?

8. Colts (7-3)

The Colts forced four Green Bay turnovers, the Packers' highest total in 43 games.

9. Titans (7-3)

It would be a whole lot easier to believe in this team if it wasn't allowing opponents to convert 54% of their third downs.

10. Packers (7-3)

NFC contender or pretender? Offense = contender. Defense = pretender.

11. Raiders (6-4)

The last thing Kansas City's defense wants to see in the playoffs is Derek Carr.

12. Ravens (6-4)

Sixty-five minutes of Tennessee's Derrick Henry was too much for a defense missing tackles Calais Campbell and Brandon Williams.

13. Browns (7-3)

Best start since Bill Belichick's 1994 team started 8-2. Next up: Jacksonville.

14. Cardinals (6-4)

They would be so much better if they didn't lead the league in total penalties (94) and accepted penalties per game (7.9).

15. Dolphins (6-4)

Bad news: Rookie Tua Tagovailoa had five three-and-outs in eight possessions before being benched in the loss to Denver. Good news: He will start against the Jets on Sunday.

16. Broncos (4-6)

Vic Fangio showed Tua and the Dolphins that he can still coach a bit on defense.

17. Panthers (4-7)

Carolina's strongest defensive performance of the season gives former XFL star P.J. Walker a win in his first start in relief of Teddy Bridgewater.

18. Bears (5-5)

Hope you enjoyed not having to watch the Bears offense during last week's bye. Next up: "Sunday Night Football."

19. 49ers (4-6)

Next up after three straight losses to Seattle, Green Bay and New Orleans: the Rams and Buffalo.

20. Cowboys (3-7)

Donovan Wilson now leads the league in bruising Vikings.

21. Vikings (4-6)

Rounding up to the nearest heartbreak, the Vikings are allowing opponents to convert one bazillion percent of their fourth downs.

22. Giants (3-7)

They have won two in a row. They are coming off a bye. And they're heading to Cincinnati to face Ryan Finlay, whoever that is.

23. Texans (3-7)

Deshaun Watson ran through people, passed over people and totally ruined one of this person's survivor pool picks.

24. Patriots (4-6)

Note to self: You have one more survivor pool pick. Stop believing in the Patriots.

25. Chargers (3-7)

The Chargers finally won a one-score game after losing seven of them in a row. But it came after leading the Jets by 18.

26. Falcons (3-7)

Atlanta's ability to function offensively is tied directly to Julio Jones' hammy.

27. Lions (4-6)

The cure for cutting your Thanksgiving football intake from nine hours to six: Houston at Detroit.

28. Washington (3-7)

The cure for cutting your Thanksgiving football intake from six hours to three: Washington at Dallas.

29. Eagles (3-6-1)

Philly vs. Seattle on Monday night. Wow. Talk about two big QB contracts going in opposite directions.

30. Bengals (2-7-1)

Weird game in Cincinnati on Sunday. The seven-loss Bengals are playing for the first pick in the draft. The seven-loss Giants are playing for first place in the NFC East.

31. Jaguars (1-9)

Least surprising line of the week comes from Jake Luton vs. Pittsburgh: four interceptions, 21 incompletions and a 15.5 passer rating.

32. Jets (0-10)

They Jets allowed Chargers rookie Justin Herbert to complete 23 passes for 277 yards. In the first half.