Two Twin Cities psychologists have been disciplined by the Minnesota Board of Psychology for unprofessional conduct with patients.

John Baumgart, 49, of Anoka, was disciplined for pursuing a social relationship with a woman he had treated for depression, the board disclosed Monday.

It was the second time in five years that Baumgart had been accused of violating professional boundaries, or crossing the line between professional and personal conduct. In 2003, he was put under special supervision and ordered to review ethical guidelines on conduct with clients.

The board found that he had crossed the line again in June 2006, when he began a social relationship with a former patient, going on bike rides and to movies. The woman had been his patient in 2005, and they continued to meet informally as part of "her support system," the board said. After he told the woman he had developed feelings for her, she reported that she was "very conflicted, angered and hurt."

Under a settlement agreement, the board restricted Baumgart's license and ordered him to undergo counseling, take a course in professional conduct and have additional supervision when treating patients.

In a separate action announced Monday, Mark Trelstad, a former psychologist in Burnsville, agreed to formally surrender his license. He was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a client, though no details were disclosed.

Trelstad, who once practiced at the Burnsville Counseling and Healing Center, has not treated patients since April 2006, when he voluntarily gave up his license for undisclosed reasons, according to the board.

Trelstad did not admit improper conduct, but agreed to give up his license "in the interest of settling this matter," according to a settlement agreement released Monday.

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