In the first few days of the pandemic, the sports editing team raced to make a list of story ideas beyond the news of sports shutting down. We asked each other for story ideas, asked our writers, asked newsroom colleagues, and we asked you, our readers.

We put a small call-out in the newspaper and a short article online asking readers what they wanted to read, or reread if they were hankering for some history.

Before the week was half-over, we had more than three dozen requests for us to revisit an old story, an old moment, an athlete stashed away in memories.

Our first worry was wondering what we'd write about. That worry quickly became this question: How to choose between all these good ideas?

One of the assistant sports editors, Paul Klauda, did just that. He sought opinions, made some choices and now is steering a series this week we're calling Reader Requests.

We hope you enjoy this series. If you don't, well, we're blaming you.