Gary Kubiak's addition to the Vikings' offensive staff — said to be at the direction of offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski — figures to further solidify the identity of the team's offense behind Mike Zimmer's vision. Kubiak's teams have long prioritized the zone running schemes that helped make Terrell Davis a Hall of Famer and turned Arian Foster into the NFL's leading rusher in 2010.

If the tenets of Kubiak's offenses come to Minnesota, it'll mean plenty of zone runs, more snaps with quarterback Kirk Cousins under center — Kubiak's teams have frequently put QBs under center more than any offense in the league — and the kinds of play action throws Cousins executed with success in Washington.

How does that help Vikings running back Dalvin Cook? He did perhaps his best work in 2018 from behind Cousins against the Dolphins, when he took 15 carries for 108 yards and a pair of touchdowns with Cousins under center.