St. Paul police shot and killed a dog Thursday afternoon while its SWAT officers were helping Minneapolis police execute a search warrant.

The shooting occurred about 4 p.m. at a home in the 900 block of Charles Avenue, said Sgt. Mike Ernster, a police spokesman.

According to Ernster: SWAT officers were approaching the house when they saw a woman at the back door with two dogs. The officers ordered her not to let the dogs out.

The woman opened the door, and a pit bull and bulldog ran out, Ernster said. The pit bull “charged” “directly” at an officer and was shot and killed by the officer, he said.

The second dog ran and sat near another SWAT officer, and was not injured.

Ernster said that the first dog was aggressive while the second dog did not display aggression.

“The officers are acting to protect themselves,” he said.

St. Paul officers were not wearing body cameras at the time because the city is still in the process of implementing them, Ernster said.

Minneapolis police were investigating a narcotics case at the address, said department spokeswoman Sgt. Catherine Michal. It’s standard practice that SWAT officers secure a home while executing a search before investigators enter, she said.

Michal said it’s unclear at this point if Minneapolis police at the scene captured any of the shooting on body cameras. Michal said she would look into the matter.

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