Event today: A slim book of summer days, "Eden" is a collection of visual poems by Minneapolis artist David Coggins, whose subject is nature seen through a sultry haze of sentiment and sensibility. Each page reproduces a collage of dried things -- leaves, blossoms, grasses -- artfully arranged with bits of Oriental paper, antique engravings, postcards, photos and other ephemera. Haiku-like notes (apparently recorded on an old typewriter bereft of capital letters) recall date, place, mood. It's a sweet book whose appearance will be celebrated with a party co-hosted by Birchbark Books and nearby Bockley Gallery where the original collages will be on view. (Today, 4-6 p.m., free. Bockley Gallery, 2123 W. 21st St., Mpls. 612-377-4669 or www.bockleygallery.com)