Spacious tent: Opt for a roomy abode that offers standing room height and plenty of space to stretch out.

One pick: Nemo Equipment Wagontop 4P LX Camping Tent ($849.95, nemo

High-tech lantern: An extra-bright light with the ability to charge your smartphone is key.

One pick: Black Diamond Equipment Moji Charging Station ($79.95,

Great coffee: No need to skip your morning cup of Joe just because you're out in the woods. This silicone, collapsible device holds a No. 4 filter.

One pick: GSI Outdoors JavaDrip ($12.95,

Comfortable hammock: Many state parks have restrictions on hanging hammocks from trees, so go for the inflatable variety.

One pick: WindPouch GO ($79.95,

Tricked-out cooler: Don't risk your food spoiling and your beer getting warm. Plus, this monster can hold your fish limit. Think marine cooler.

One pick: Yeti Tundra 75 ($449.95,

Premium camping stove: Grill, boil and cook to your heart's desire in the great outdoors.

One pick: BioLite CampStove 2 Bundle ($199.95,

Mackenzie Lobby Havey

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