As a veteran of Timberwolves “garage sales” (which do not take place in garages) whose purchases have traveled all around the world, I figured I’d better check out the latest installment happening Thursday (until 4 p.m.) and resuming Friday at 7:30 a.m. on the skyway level of Mayo Clinic Square with all proceeds benefiting the Wolves community programs.

A couple years ago when the Wolves had their last one, it was because they had overhauled their roster. This time, a logo/uniform change was the impetus — leading to a pretty good inventory of items featuring Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins and others.

But as usual, it was the odd items that most interested me. Here’s a quick recap with three categories:

*A thing I bought: a comfortable-feeling women’s T-shirt (for my wife, you guys) with a reasonable $5 price tag. There were some shirts priced even cheaper, and the stocking caps ($3) looked like a good deal as well.

*A thing I regret not buying: OK, so they were selling old player banners that used to hang in the hallways of Target Center. When I arrived over the lunch hour, there were a pair of Ricky Rubio banners — maybe 6 feet tall? — for $20 apiece. My gut said to buy it, but I really couldn’t imagine where I would put it. So I passed and headed over to Lynx practice for a scheduled interview. I decided while I was gone that I wanted it. When I went back an hour later, they were gone. The regret is palpable.

*A thing someone else should absolutely buy: The best item, no doubt, was a large table (pictured above) that functions as both a dry-erase board and dining surface. One minute you’re drawing up plays, next minute you’re having a nice sit-down meal. At least that’s how the late Flip Saunders used to use it when it was in his office, per a member of the Wolves’ communications staff. This absolutely belongs in someone’s basement. It’s $200 and was still there last I saw.

Aside from that, there are mostly clothes (including some sweet Starter jackets) and a few other odds and ends. I’m told there were 160 people waiting to get in when it opened at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, and there were consistently 20-30 people there when I was browsing. If you wear a 2XL in shorts, there is an absolutely hideous pair of khakis ($15) with a Wolves logo in it. Don’t buy that if you go on Friday.

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