Be sure your little ones are well-fueled from dawn until dusk for a camping trip full of activity. Choose treats that are easily transportable for hiking and canoe trips and stay away from anything that'll create a big mess and invite the critters into your campsite.

Trail mix: This offers a quick grab-n-go snack with protein and carbs. One suggestion: Mix peanuts, cashews, almonds, raisins and M & M's.

Beef jerky: A great source of protein, jerky can take the place of lunch if you're out on the trail.

Granola bars: Any type of bar is a perennial favorite among the little ones. Plus there's plenty of flavors to choose from to keep everyone happy. If you're looking for something more substantial, Clif Bars, LÄRABARS and PROBARS are great options.

Dried fruit: Healthy and easy to transport, you can't beat a quick carb-hit when you're out on the water or on the trail.

Fruit snacks: If you've got a young one who is resistant to the healthier option, this is a good alternative. You're on vacation, why not splurge?

Carrot sticks: An excellent source of all sorts of nutrients and dietary fiber, carrots are an easy choice.

Mackenzie Lobby Havey

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