Thanks to a late "burst" it wasn't quite 41-donut, but the Vikings still had their third-worst total for yards of offense in a postseason game Saturday. They have been held to fewer than 200 yards in the postseason six times:

Jan. 14, 2001114 yds N.Y. Giants 41, Vikings 0NFC championship

Jan. 12, 1975119 ydsPittsburgh 16, Vikings 6Super Bowl IX

Jan. 11, 2020147 yds San Francisco 27, Vikings 10Divisional round

Jan. 2, 1993148 ydsWashington 24, Vikings 7Wild card

Jan. 10, 2016183 ydsSeattle 10, Vikings 9 Wild card

Dec. 26, 1977189 ydsVikings 14, L.A. Rams 7 Divisional round

Source: Pro Football Reference