Brett Favre will turn 47 next month. He last played in the NFL in 2010, and the season was a disaster. He was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this summer.

And yet instinctively some of us STILL think of Favre whenever a team has a quarterback crisis — and that strange urge only increased this week when it happened to be the Vikings who faced a sudden need when Teddy Bridgewater was lost for the season.

Logically, we all know there’s no way Favre is coming back. But just in case, there are signs like this one just across the border in Hudson, Wis., to curb any comeback urges Favre might feel. It was tweeted out by Blake Fry, President of the Hudson Chamber of Commerce.

But what if Shaun Hill gets hurt and the Vikings need someone to open that new stadium against the Packers?

(No. No. No.)

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