Two teenage siblings injured when a carjacker crashed into them are making progress, though the woman who was hit remains hospitalized, according to their father's Facebook page.

Cecilia Speranzella, 19, and her brother Jacob Speranzella, 14, were crossing Lake Street to get ice cream in their Minneapolis neighborhood on Sept. 30, an unusually warm day. Both teens were thrown when they were hit. Cecilia struck the window of a nearby bakery, landing on the sidewalk, while Jacob went through the glass.

Cecilia suffered a head injury that required surgery to relieve pressure on her brain due to internal bleeding, according to charges against the driver of the car. Jacob suffered several broken bones and cuts.

According to Joe Speranzella's Facebook page, Jacob, who was in serious condition midweek, was home by Saturday afternoon. Joe Speranzella shared a photo of his son's bandaged leg resting on a sofa, a dog lying nearby.

Joe Speranzella posted an update Sunday on Cecilia, who had been listed in critical condition at HCMC last week. He wrote that she was "off all pain medicine" and "opened both eyes just slightly as we gathered around her bed to encourage her. The MRI showed some damage as expected."

The siblings' mother, Mitzi Speranzella, wrote on Facebook on Saturday morning: "CeCe is going on her last dive in the HCMC hyperbaric chamber, pray for daily and long term benefits of this treatment!"

Some doctors say that hyperbaric treatment helps heal damaged brains by exposing patients to pure oxygen at higher-than-normal air pressure. Other researchers, however, say that the treatment is ineffective.

On Wednesday, Steven D. Ross, 48, was charged in Hennepin County District Court with one count each of criminal vehicular operation causing great bodily harm, criminal vehicular operation causing substantial bodily harm and simple robbery.

Ross allegedly smashed a car window in with his head, then drove off with the stolen vehicle.

After hitting the two, Ross sped eastbound on Lake Street, nearly running over an unconscious Cecilia. Ross was arrested after crashing the car, according to charges.

Ross has a criminal record including illicit drug possession, disorderly conduct and felony assault. He told police after his arrest that he had abused substances that day. According to the charges, he confessed to the carjacking but said he had tried to avoid striking the teenagers.