I see a little of “The Little Rascals” in this Minneapolis Tribune report.

Honey Bee Colony Ends “Spelling Bee”

Racine, Wis., Sept. 8. – Angered because of excessive whispering during a “spelling bee,” H.E. Sherman, teacher in the Somers village school, was about to administer corporal punishment to a number of his pupils when he was forestalled by an energetic colony of honey bees. 
Sherman, rod in hand, was set upon by the bee vanguard and immediately the “spelling bee” buzzed in the wildest confusion. The villagers, responding to the cries of the “stung” pedagog and the school, found that several colonies of honey bees had taken possession of the schoolhouse during the summer vacation.
The floors are being removed and the walls tapped in an effort to smoke out the invaders. The spellers-down are dronishly enjoying the interim.

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