Status: Thursday was Day 4 of Republican Norm Coleman's lawsuit challenging the U.S. Senate recount. He claims that various irregularities left Democrat Al Franken with an artificial 225-vote lead. A key part of Coleman's strategy is to have the three presiding judges consider absentee ballots that his campaign contends were wrongly rejected.


• Witnesses included Deputy Secretary of State Jim Gelbmann, in his third day testifying.

• The Coleman campaign sought to show that Franken had shifted positions on rejected absentee ballots, from wanting them included during the recount to being opposed to adding more during the trial. Earlier and on Wednesday, Franken attorneys tried to show that the Coleman camp had made a shift of its own on absentee ballots, but in the opposite direction. Each side said the other changed positions as its fortunes changed.


• The trial resumes at 9 a.m. today.