A slip on the ice in Minneapolis on Monday sent the drummer for the popular band Semisonic to a painful tumble, forcing the trio to call off two sold-out shows scheduled for this week at the Turf Club and First Avenue.

Saturday's gig at First Avenue in Minneapolis was to celebrate "Great Divide," the Twin Cities band's debut album from 20 years ago. Among Semisonic's top hits: "Closing Time" and "Secret Smile."

In a Facebook posting Wednesday, drummer Jacob Slichter explained that after "rehearsing with Dan [Wilson] and John [Munson] for the first time in years, I stepped out into an ice-covered Minneapolis night and my feet kept going."

Slichter said he broke his left hand and sprained both wrists. On top of that, he added, "Also badly bruised, broken, and crushed: my ego, heart, spirits."

The drummer wrote that he was "soooo looking forward to the Semisonic shows this week, but they will have to wait." No drumming for six weeks, he added.

Bassist Munson said that Slichter, who now lives in New York, did his best "Minnesota fall" and landed on his wrists on an icy northeast Minneapolis sidewalk. "Everyone in Minnesota's done it. You land on your wrists. I did it on Minnehaha Creek once," Munson continued.

Semisonic expects to announce information about rescheduled concerts soon.

A spokeswoman for the clubs said ticket holders will be advised by e-mail about new concert dates.

Slichter said he did get a welcome dose of Minnesota Nice Wednesday morning at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for his flight home.

"As I checked my bag ... I told the ticket agent that I needed her help, and she thoughtfully took my phone and swiped through various screens to find my boarding pass. She then printed me a paper version to spare me more work. I told her what had happened, and she nodded and leaned over to say, with great discretion, 'I'll bet you said a few effingheimers.' "

Slichter said he nodded, and she winked and replied, "I knew it!"

Staff writer Jon Bream contributed to this report.

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