When Hollywood royalty comes to town, we usually have one important question about their visit: Where did they eat? Am I right? We care about these things, don't we? Of course we do.

Well, when master director Guillermo del Toro came to Minneapolis last week he let his legions of fans know right away. The geek god (who made "Hellboy" and "Pan's Labyrinth") was here for the opening of his Minneapolis Institute of Art exhibit "At Home With Monsters." But first he needed a burger.

On Twitter, he posted a note simply saying this:

Shortly afterward, another tweet was posted with a shot of a delicious, slathered-up patty accompanied by these words:

Yum. Still, some of his followers (which count 618,000) had very strong opinions on which burgers he should eat. One tweeter politely suggested: "Before you leave, locate a Juicy Lucy burger. It's our claim to fame."

And then there was this: "Lots better burgers than this in Mpls. Lion's Tap, Matt's, Saint Dinette."

Just let the man eat, people!