I distinctly remember when the Star Tribune's own Phil Miller, on the day Ervin Santana was suspended 80 games for steroid use, tweeted that the suspension also meant he was ineligible for postseason play. Many of us had a good laugh at what seemed like gallows humor. A team that had lost 92 games each of the past four seasons would never have to worry about that anyway, right?

Now: We are a long way from the finish line of this season. But after 46 games and a 28-18 Twins record, can we at least say that the notion of a postseason ban for Santana is no longer a joking matter?

fast starts One secret to the Twins' success this season: good starts. They've led after one inning of play in 16 of their 46 games this year.

tough to compare Using a formula called Elo, fivethirtyeight.com rated the recent Spurs' dynasty as better than the 1960s Celtics' dynasty.