Darryl Talley, a linebacker who played briefly for the Vikings at the end of his 14-year NFL career, is reknowned in Buffalo for his part in the Bills' success in the 1990s.

Now, however, Talley is suffering greatly because of injuries suffered during his career. The Buffalo News has this in-depth story on Talley's struggles that's worth a read.

Those closest to Darryl Talley are terrified. His wife, daughters and former teammates openly cry for him. They lament what has befallen him. They dread what his future might hold. ¶ Talley’s life is in tatters. Loved ones say his mind is deteriorating. He’s begrudgingly starting to agree. ¶ He’s 54, but his body is a wreck and continues to crumble. He suspects collisions from playing linebacker for 14 NFL seasons, a dozen with the Buffalo Bills, have damaged his brain. He’s often depressed beyond the point of tears. ¶ He’s bitter at the National Football League for discarding him and denying that he’s too disabled to work anymore. He says the Bills have jilted him, too. ¶ He learned after he retired that he’d played with a broken neck. ¶ He had a heart attack in his 40s. ¶ He lost his business. The bank foreclosed on the Talleys’ home of 17 years. Against her husband’s pride, Janine Talley has accepted money from friends to pay the bills. ¶ He contemplates killing himself.

The entire story is on the News' website.

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