Robyne Robinson made Minnesota history by becoming the State's first African-American news Anchor. Twenty years later she has become an 'anchor' in the cities' communities by lending her time, resources and experiences to many community based non-profits organizations. Thousands of Minnesota's youth and residents have looked up to Robyne, finding inspiration in her words, efforts and success as one of Fox 9 News' top television anchors. So why then, would Robyne step out of this spotlight and leave her role as highly coveted news anchor? Will her move negatively influence the thousands of young girls who aspire to be like Ms. Robinson?

Of course not; thousands of young women dream of being on television. Whether it's reporting the news or making the news they wish to be seen, heard and understood by masses. From actors to news anchors our youth's vision of the future has been skewed by the glamour, fame and fortune television has to offer. Robyne Robinson obtained this dream, and all it entailed, prior to resigning at a time that many would seek to take their careers to the next level. Her actions, though misunderstood by some, prove that life is about more than one's own goals, dreams and aspirations.

Reporting the news for more than two decades has offered many experiences to Ms. Robinson, however, her role as news anchor impacts the communities she serves in few ways. The news is meant to inform, educate and entertain its viewers. As Lieutenant Governor Ms. Robinson will be able to not only inform and educate her constituents, but inspire change, growth and achievement as well. Far from her role as television news anchor, Robyne will be able to reach out to community leaders and residents, actively participate in their plights and and become a 'voice' for Minnesota residents and communities. As today's youth search desperately for any type of influential character to guide them, Ms. Robinson's good influence has taken a turn for the better. Once viewed as an intelligent, beautiful news anchor, Ms. Robinson will now be viewed as the intelligent beauty whose zest for life, change and achievement helped her take a leap and help inspire the youth, change the communities and transform good influence into great influence. Cheers to being fearless, good luck Ms. Robinson! Photo courtesy of