Count Vikings nine-year veteran defensive end Brian Robison among the players who aren’t big fans of Pro Bowl balloting.

“You know, man, I’m over the Pro Bowl,” said Robison, who has never made the Pro Bowl. “The Pro Bowl is a popularity contest. It’s just one of those things where you see some guys that make it and they absolutely deserve it, and you see some guys who don’t make it and you wonder how the heck they didn’t make it. It is what it is.

“At the end of the day, the good thing about our team is we’re not concentrating on Pro Bowl stuff. We’re concentrating on winning ball games.”

Robison also was asked about the Vikings’ level of success at their temporary home, TCF Bank Stadium. He praised the fans for being loud before being asked to name the “trickiest” thing about a temporary home.

“I mean, to me, there is not really any … I mean, you still got 110 yards of field and 53 1/2 yards wide,” Robison said. “So, to me, there is no change. Go out, line up and play ball.”

Uh, 110?

“Yeah,” he told a reporter, “if you count the end zone.”

Then Robison caught his error. The one that says there are two end zones per NFL field.

“Actually,” he said, “it’s 120. Let me redo that. I screwed that one up.”

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