Don't be surprised if the soundtrack for NBC's new drama, "Rise," includes some tunes from Cloud Cult. The star of the NBC series, Josh Radnor, is such a fan of the Duluth band that he appeared in its 2016 one-hour music video, "The Seeker."

The actor, best known for playing the lead in "How I Met Your Mother," befriended the musicians after he gave them a shout out in a 2012 Entertainment Weekly interview. He's not surprised that the group hasn't become a household name.

"They have a very rabid following, but I think they worry about staying pure," said Radnor, who plays an ambitious theatre director at a struggling high school in the series that premieres Tuesday.

Radnor is making some music of his own these days. He's joined indie artist Ben Lee to write songs under the name Radnor & Lee. The duo performed earlier this year in Brazil, but no upcoming tour dates have been announced. In addition, Radnor said he's been listening to a lot of early Jackson Browne these days.

Is it only a matter of time before Browne recruits him for a new video?