Kylie Minogue, "DISCO" (BMG)

It's always a sure thing with Kylie Minogue — fun and great grooves that is. What's more admirable is that even though she released one of the greatest pop albums of the century nearly 20 years ago ("Fever" for those pop heathens out there), she keeps trying to outdo herself. Her 15th album moves her closer to that goal post than ever before. The 12-track set, simply titled "DISCO," is a cohesive playlist for an exceptional dance-heavy experience.

First three singles stand out from the dozen songs with their infectious hooks and synth-pop rhythms. "Say Something" has an engaging electric guitar riffing; "Magic" brings on some hot staccato keys and handclaps on top of a hopeful message; while "I Love It" is unabashed pure disco love.

The rest of the tracks mix Daft Punk-esque undertones like "Dance Floor Darling" and "Real Groove" with some unusual Auto-Tune, play with speeds and even opaquely sample from '80s hits, as "Supernova" goes all out funk. Lyrically, Minogue — who is a co-writer on all the songs — swings from searching for cosmic love to looking for the light of the stars to wanting to dissolve the night away on the dance floor.

"DISCO" feels a bit like a fantasy electric blanket on a cold night – it will bring comfort but also shock you into joy from time to time.