So, it's time to fire Mike Yeo, who clearly is at fault because his goalies can't stop a volleyball, and the young players are finding the NHL transition a bit tougher than hoped, and he didn't check to make sure the players had their mumps vaccinations as tykes.

The Wild has to fire Yeo because Jeremy Roenick says that's the thing to do, and the posters on blogs and Twitter would applaud, and maybe a "new voice'' would get a positive response for a couple of weeks.

Yeah, good old New Voice … a legendary character in the firings of virtually all coaches in big-time sports.

The only real reason to fire Yeo is for Fletcher and owner Craig Leipold to mollify the customers, who don't really need much mollifying, since there hasn't been an unsold ticket at Xcel Energy Center this season.

Remember this in clamoring for Yeo to be fired:

When teams decide the coach that they liked enough to grant a contract extension a few months earlier must be replaced, the New Voice deal doesn't always work out.

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