On July 15, just before 11:30 p.m., Justine Damond called 911 to report a possible sexual assault in progress near her South Minneapolis home. When the officers arrived, they drove slowly through the alley between Xerxes and Washburn avenues S. with their squad lights turned off.

As they reached the end of the alley, one of the officers, Mohamed Noor, shot from inside the car, across his partner and out the driver's side window, striking Damond in the abdomen and killing her.

It's unclear why Noor shot, in part because the officers were not recording with their body cameras. As the car neared the end of the alley, Matthew Harrity, the other officer, reported hearing a loud noise. A search warrant said a woman slapped the back of their squad.

On July 24, using a timeline of events given in investigative documents and scanner audio, a Star Tribune photographer and reporter retraced the officers' route at the same time of night in an attempt to capture the scene of the fatal shooting.