Ryan Burnet's latest venture: Crisp & Green

Ryan Burnet’s plan for his newest venture – Crisp & Green in downtown Wayzata – was to quietly open the doors on Monday and ease into full business.

Instead, 170 people walked through the door for lunch.

“I was running the dish pit,” Burnet said with a chuckle. “Clearly I misread that.”

The healthful, counter-service eatery at 755 E. Lake St. is the first of what Burnet envisions as a local chain. The next location, in the North Loop, is expected to open March 3.

If that sounds oddly specific, there’s a reason for that.

“That’s when I start paying rent,” said the grinning restaurateur, who also owns Burch Steak, Bar La Grassa and Barrio. “So if we don’t open by then, we’re not happy.”

Crisp & Green serves up salads and grain bowls – with gluten-free and vegan options aplenty – via a create-as-you-go assembly line akin to Chipotle’s model. Coffees, infused iced teas and smoothies are also available. The focus is healthful and fresh.

“We’re sourcing from the same vendors we use at Burch and BLG,” he said.

As if the two Crisp & Greens aren’t keeping Burnet busy enough, he’s also got his hands in another project: a New York-style pizza eatery in a former gas station in Minnetonka.

The 65-seat restaurant is expected to debut in mid-January. A 40-seat patio will open later in the spring.

“We’re keeping the original awning,” Burnet said. “But there is a lot of work to be done. It’s one of those quirky spots.”