A 60-pound male puma made his debut Friday at the Minnesota Zoo, six months after being rescued as an orphan outside Port Angeles, Wash.

Sequim, named for his Pacific Northwest roots, came to the Apple Valley zoo as an injured kitten in October. Zookeepers nursed him back to health, treating him for a variety of parasites and other ailments.

Through constant care, Sequim pulled through. On Friday, he joined the zoo’s older puma on the Medtronic Minnesota Trail, where they will rotate within the exhibit.

“It has been a long road for this animal, and we are so happy the Minnesota Zoo is able to provide him with a great home,” said Tom Ness, trail curator.

Sequim’s sister, Olympia, who was also given to the zoo, developed issues walking on her hind legs and later died from unknown causes.

The Medtronic Minnesota Trail is home to fellow rescued animals including black bears, gray wolves, a bald eagle and a porcupine.

Earlier this week, zoo officials announced the highly anticipated birth of a female Amur tiger cub. A naming contest will be held for the fluffy feline, who will remain behind the scenes with her mom until she’s strong enough for visitors.