ESPN and other news outlets reported that Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees will be suspended through the 2014 Monday for their use of performance enhancing drugs.

According to ESPN: "Several sources familiar with the talks said tense deliberations between Rodriguez and commissioner Bud Selig's office broke down completely Saturday after Selig told officials he would no longer negotiate."

ESPN reported that "about 12" other players will also be disciplined, andt:  "Several sources also said that Selig was "furious" with Rodriguez for telling reporters he would not negotiate, even as his attorneys sought a deal to mitigate MLB's looming punishment.

A full ESPN report is here.

A report in the New York Daily News explained why Rodriguez is expected to get a longer suspension than other players: "MLB is basing its suspension on evidence gathered by baseball investigators that shows Rodriguez violated the drug program on three separate occasions, warranting 50-game suspensions for each violation, and that he interfered with Selig’s investigation."

The Daily News story is here.