Excerpts from Charles Eastman’s books:


“Indian Boyhood” (1902)

“Young men are often rash, but it is not well to reprove one for a brave deed lest he become a coward.”

“The Soul of the Indian” (1911)

“We do not chart and measure

the vast field of nature or express

her wonders in the terms of science;

on the contrary,

we see miracles

the miracle of life

in seed and egg,

the miracle of death

in a lightning flash

and in the swelling deep!”

“Indian Scout Talks” (1914)

“The best way to sleep in camp is feet toward the fire. ... If by any mischance, the fire escapes, your feet are very sensitive and will awaken you in time.”

“From The Deep Woods to Civilization” (1917)

“My horse and my dog were my closest companions. I regarded them as brothers, and if there was a hereafter, I expected to meet them there.”