Three new school board members were sworn in at Tuesday’s school board meeting. The new members include Don Samuels, Siad Ali, Nelson Inz.Incumbents Jenny Arneson and Rebecca Gagnon were sworn in for their second term.

Some other highlights of Tuesday’s meeting:

Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson’s spoke passionately at her last school board meeting, saying “this district and this community is hard on its leaders.” She again said that she stands by her work and was hurt my comments made by some in the community she did not care about students of color.
“Some of the ways that people have categorized me is hurtful,” she said.

Board leadership: The new school board elected the following as its leadership:

Boar chair- Jenny Arneson

Vice chair- Kim Ellison

Treasurer - Rebecca Gagnon

Clerk -Josh Reimnitz

Graduation requirements: The board passed new high school graduation requirements. It will reduce the requirements for physical education from one year to one semester. It also reduces the requirements for social studies.

There are no requirements for foreign languages or ethic studies, something the previous board wanted to see in the district’s staff.

District staff says reducing those requirements will allow more flexibility for electives.