Rapper Lil Wayne's troubled relationship with Minnesota hit another bump Friday night.

Wayne, who was set to perform at Target Center alongside rappers Rick Ross, Young Jeezy and Prof, did not show up for the concert. About 10:30 p.m. — well after the show had started — Target Center posted on Twitter that Wayne postponed the set due to "plane mechanical issues," and that "the promoter and the artist call the shots."

This is the third late cancellation in the Twin Cities by the Louisiana rapper.

In 2015, Wayne backed out of a concert at Minneapolis' the Venue because members of his entourage refused to undergo its standard search procedure.

Wayne was initially scheduled to perform at Target Center in February, but he missed it due to "scheduling conflicts," according to Target Center. Friday's show featured a different lineup.

The rapper also took to Twitter about the same time, citing plane issues and saying he would reschedule. But upset fans responded and expressed their outrage online.

"We drove 2 hours to see openers we didn't even know the songs to. PLUS had to take off work and reschedule for you to not show up," someone replied.

"You're about to take some heat for this too," another fan wrote to Target Center. "You let people wait around like he was there, it's [expletive]. Don't reschedule, money back only."

"Where's the refund?" one man tweeted.

On its Facebook page, Target Center's media relations team responded to dozens of angry comments from frustrated fans. The venue promised refund information would be posted and e-mailed to concertgoers sometime soon. It remains unclear whether ticket holders will receive an entire refund or only a partial one.

"Not sure why the Target Center would even want him to perform," one commenter said.

Staff writer Liz Sawyer contributed to this report.