1 “The Great Destroyer” (2005) — “Time is the great destroyer,” Alan Sparhawk reveals at the end of an epic album that has proved to be timelessly powerful, dealing in death, family bonds and trying to keep yourself together. Key tracks: “California,” “When I Go Deaf,” “Walk into the Sea.”

2 “Ones and Sixes” (2015) — Still finding exciting new ways of making haunting and hypnotic or frayed and frightened songs. Key tracks: “What Part of Me,” “DJ,” “Spanish Translation.”


3 “Things We Lost in the Fire” (2001) — The Steve Albini-produced collection has the slow burn of earlier albums but with many fiery moments. Key tracks: “Sunflower,” “Dinosaur Act.”


4 “Christmas” (1999) — A fitting artistic venture for a religious-themed band instead of just another crass holiday money grab, the eight-song EP not surprisingly turned out to be beautiful. Key tracks: “Blue Christmas,” “Just Like Christmas.”

5 “C’mon” (2011) — Revived the stark beauty of early Low records and has some of the band’s most harmonious moments. Key tracks: “Try to Sleep,” “Witches.”