Several months ago, my longtime friend Rocket and I made a friendly wager over which team would win more games this season: the Wolves or the Wild. It is no surprise that I took the Wolves; it is no surprise that Rocket took the Wild.

And the result was probably fairly predictable, too. Rocket has won this bet. The Wolves cannot win more than 41 games this season (they are 28-41 with 13 left). The Wild already has won 43 games, despite a recent slump. Mathematically, I've been eliminated.

Frankly, I'm kind of glad it's over — mostly because Rocket would send annoying texts every time the magic number was reduced, and sometimes I'd be recording a Wolves or Wild game and would immediately know the outcome.

His prize, other than smug satisfaction, is a guest post detailing the origins of the bet. You can read it on the blog.

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