There were more hit-by-pitch shenanigans Saturday. Rangers infielder Jurickson Profar was hit three times on Saturday, tying a Rangers record. He was hit by Jake Odorizzi in the second inning as he slipped on the mound. Profar was hit by Matt Magill in the fourth, but the Twins felt the pitch was close to a strike and he was crowding the plate. Profar then stole second — with the Rangers leading 9-2 at the time.

Then Addison Reed hit Profar in the seventh, making it appear it was related to the stolen base.

"It's the fourth inning," Rangers manager Jeff Banister said. "We're still playing baseball. He stole second base in that situation that I didn't think was an unnecessary situation, in my opinion."

Twins manager Paul Molitor had a different view.

"The thought process between the unwritten rules of the game is not clearly defined," he said. "What I might think and what he might think might be different things."

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