Tony Romo has quickly ascended to the top of the heap in terms of NFL broadcast analysts since being hired by CBS before the 2017 season. Luckily for Vikings fans — but maybe not the Vikings — Romo missed the cut in his dual career as an aspiring pro golfer and was available to work Sunday's broadcast during Minnesota's 16-6 loss to the Bears.

Romo offered sharp assessments throughout of the Vikings' offense, which I gleaned from re-watching the game Monday (I did it so you don't have to).

Overall, Romo pretty much nailed it. The Vikings' system — a work in progress through just four games — is fine in theory, and they have the personnel to run first to set up the pass. But it's a hard way to play when they fall behind, and in those situations they need better decisions from Kirk Cousins, better play from the offensive line and more creativity on offense when the game plan isn't working.

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