By winning a lot of close games, the Gophers men's basketball team outpaced predictions and finished with a better won-loss record than their overall performance through the season would indicate

Pulling out an extra win or two above expectations was probably the difference between an NCAA and NIT bid — and can be viewed as overachieving or at least getting a lot out of what the Gophers had to give.

Then again, if you think the Gophers could have been even better — that they didn't take enough advantage of their close wins or their talent — you might argue they underachieved.

In a Twitter poll — usual disclaimer: Unscientific but useful — you tended to think more of the season-to-date as about right. There's a pretty even split between those who thought the Gophers overachieved vs. underachieved, but about two-thirds of you said they properly achieved.

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