The NBA Finals between the Cavaliers and Warriors won't begin until Thursday (the first day of June!) and could stretch as far as June 18 if it goes a full seven games. For anyone who accuses the NFL of being a 12-month season, just look at the NBA. The draft is a week after the Finals end! Training camps open in late September!

I digress. This isn't a rant about the league schedule. Rather, let's just take a moment to talk about those Finals. The only thing with a greater certainty going into the playoffs than the likelihood of these two teams meeting for a third year in a row was the probability that ESPN's Stephen A. Smith will be wrong when picking the winner.

He had the Warriors winning last year (whoops!) and the Cavs two years ago (whoops again!). But his history goes far deeper than just Cavs/Warriors, as evidenced by a recent video compilation of Smith incorrectly predicting the winner of every NBA Finals since 2011.

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