April 27 is going to be weird if you're a Vikings fan.

That day, a week from Thursday, marks the beginning of the NFL draft, with the first round held in prime time. But it also will be the first time since the draft expanded to three days — with the first round getting a separate stage — that the Vikings will enter the draft without a first-round pick.

That draft expanded in 2010. The last time the Vikings went into the draft without a first-round pick was 2008 because of the Jared Allen trade with Kansas City — similar to this year with the Sam Bradford trade. The Vikings ended up without a first-round pick in 2010, but they started the night with the No.30 pick before dealing it to Detroit.

Rick Spielman has been known to trade into the first round, so there is that possibility. But Vikings fans should be prepared for a strange, quiet night on what is otherwise one of the most anticipated nights of the year.

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