I'm going to give you an unwanted earworm in a moment, but first the good news: Lew Ford, the outfielder who last played for the Twins in … wait, that can't be right … 2007 (wow, I'm old) and last appeared in the majors in 2012 is still playing professional baseball.

Not only that: He's an All-Star!

Granted, Ford is playing as he has for the past several years with the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. But an All-Star is an All-Star.

Ford is hitting .268, which frankly doesn't sound that great but what do I know about the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball? He is tied for fourth in the league in RBI with 37 AND he is a player/hitting coach for the squad.

Ford will be 42 next month, so more power to him.

You have to love Lew Ford. Oh, and that earworm I promised:

(Extreme Smash Mouth voice).

Hey now, Ford's an All-Star, get your game on, go play.

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