In case you hadn't heard, ex-Twins outfielder Delmon Young is allegedly in a heap of trouble over an anti-Semitic (and reportedly alcohol-fueled) confrontation in the wee hours of the morning in New York.


The Detroit News has a local rabbi weighing in on the matter:

A Farmington Hills rabbi said Friday morning he was "sick to my stomach" after reading reports Detroit Tigers outfielder Delmon Young faces a hate-crime charge for allegedly hurling anti-Semitic slurs during an altercation in New York City.

"I have three children, and my oldest is 8 years old," Rabbi Jason Miller said. "And in the past year, he has become a diehard Detroit Tigers fan, he knows every player, he knows Delmon Young's uniform number and statistics. And to an 8-year-old, every single Detroit Tiger is a role model. I don't know how I will come with the words to explain this to him."

Indeed, this is far more serious than Young's anti-fly ball catching stance that he has steadfastly clung to over the hears.