Here's the short version of what we think happened with Kevin Love this weekend:


Very few things in the world of high-end business -- and the NBA, with eight-figure salaries and multi-billion dollar franchise values, certainly qualifies as such -- happen by accident.

Rather, deals and conclusions are reached at the end of several calculated moves. Kevin Love was in Boston this past weekend. It was absolutely a calculated move. Most players go out of their way to keep their travel plans private and to keep a low profile. Love made himself very visible, even attending Sunday's Red Sox game with his agent.

The Wolves still have Love under control for one more year. Flip Saunders can say what he wants about expecting Love to be here. He can try to play things close to the vest because that's in his best interest. But Love's best interest, assuming he really does want out of Minnesota, is to keep the trade dialogue hot.

Love doesn't have the leverage to demand a trade, but he can show up in cities rumored to be interested in him and stoke the fire.

Either that, or he was just really in the mood for some baked beans.

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