"How much money would you pay to see your favorite team play for a championship?" is a fun question for a long car ride or idle afternoon (the latter with a beverage or two along with it).

The number clearly would be higher for most local fans if we were talking about the Vikings in the Super Bowl, since tickets to the Super Bowl tend to be expensive to begin with and we're dealing with a 40-years-and-counting drought since Minnesota has even been to a Super Bowl.

But for something of an apples to apples comparison to what I'm about to tell you, what would you pay for, say, two seats to see the Timberwolves or Wild play in the finals in a game in which they had a chance to clinch a championship?

Is it less than $133,000? (Yes).

But that's what ESPN's Darren Rovell reported one fan paid for two premium tickets to Game 5 between the Cavaliers and Warriors. And yes, that's an NBA record.

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