On Startribune.com Thursday, we ran a poll asking a simple question: Which local pro team are you most excited about? The choices were limited to five teams, with reasons for being excited given in each case: Lynx, WNBA title defense; Twins, young prospects; Vikings, new coaches, players; Wild, Thomas Vanek signing; and the Wolves, new coaching staff.

Nearly 2,500 people had voted by 4 p.m. (and we really hope after that everyone was on their way to a long weekend). The results, as unofficial as they are, were still enlightening in their own way. Here they are, and here is what they might tell us about each team:

Vikings (945 votes, 38 percent): That speaks to the fact that the Vikings, even after a disappointing season in which they won just five games, still dominate this sports market. They haven’t played a game in six months. The only things between a last-place finish in the NFC North and the present day are a coaching change and a few new players. But still the Vikings are on top.

Wild (813 votes, 33 percent): This confirms that the Wild is the undisputed champ among the four major pro men’s teams when it comes to momentum. Two years ago, before Zach Parise and Ryan Suter signed, the direction of the franchise was in question. Six months ago, we still wondered if Mike Yeo would be fired. Now the Wild can point to a playoff run as evidence that even better days are ahead.

Lynx (562 votes, 23 percent): This reaffirms that the Lynx grabbed a foothold on the local landscape in 2011 when so many other teams were lousy, and their continued success has kept them relevant.

Twins (97 votes, 4 percent): It’s hard to be too excited about prospects when the best ones are either hurt or still toiling in the minors. That and the Twins’ recent slide are killing them.

Wolves (46 votes, 2 percent): They didn’t get a bump naming Flip Saunders as coach, and the Kevin Love situation is hanging over their heads. If Love is traded and fans don’t like the deal, times could get even tougher.

There are certainly other reasons one might be excited about any of those teams, and there are certainly other teams who could have been included as voting options. And in case anyone needed a reminder, this disclaimer was at the bottom: “Editor’s note: Instant polls are intended as entertainment. They are not considered to be true measurements of public opinion.”