A Ramsey County sheriff's deputy who was rescued from his squad car after a horrific crash last year died this week, officials and family said Wednesday.

Authorities found Dallas Edeburn, 30, dead in his work vehicle along a road in Brooklyn Park early Monday. Sheriff's personnel had been alerted that he had not reached home after leaving the Arden Hills patrol station Sunday night, the Sheriff's Office said in a statement.

A preliminary autopsy showed no signs of injury or trauma, the statement continued. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner will release the manner and cause of death when the autopsy has been completed. Those results could help officials determine whether Edeburn's death is related to the crash and can be classified as in the line of duty.

The crash in Arden Hills in March 2021 involved a man who stole a Jeep and fled law enforcement, drove down an exit ramp from Hwy. 10, ran a red light and slammed into the side of Edeburn's squad. The impact of the crash caused the squad to strike another vehicle on westbound Hwy. 96.

Edeburn suffered a broken knee cap, broken toe, possible head injury, fractured ribs and a bruised lung.

The deputy's wife, Jes Edeburn, wrote Tuesday on Facebook that their marriage "was kicked off with his terrible accident, and it was a road to recovery ever since. However, last week was the best week we've had since before his accident. He was the old Dallas, almost physically healed, and we were able to enjoy being married, and we were giving Bennett our whole selves as parents."

Edeburn added, "I'm going to hold on to that week as what our little family was and had the potential to be. We were making it. We were still in love despite all the trauma we went through."

In a statement Wednesday, Sheriff Bob Fletcher said, "Our hearts go out to Dallas' wife, family, and friends. He was larger than life, both in his physical presence and his service to Ramsey County."

The man who hit Edeburn's squad, 33-year-old Oscar Delacruz of St. Paul, was convicted of fleeing police, auto theft and criminal vehicular operation. He was sentenced to a term of 2¼ years.

Even if Edeburn's death is attributed to the crash, the law does not allow Delacruz to be further prosecuted.

Deputy Steve Eddicus, who responded to the pursuit, found Edeburn in the burning squad. Eddicus and New Brighton police officer Donald Kostohryz dragged Edeburn to safety moments before the vehicle was fully engulfed.

For Eddicus' actions, Ramsey County proclaimed Oct. 28 as Deputy Steve Eddicus Day in the county.

Edeburn began his career as an officer with the Ramsey County Correctional Facility in July 2015. He joined the Sheriff's Office in January 2017 and worked in the courts, on patrol, with training, and on the Violent Crime Enforcement and SWAT teams.

He received numerous accolades for his work, including when he rescued a suicidal young woman who intended to jump from a freeway bridge.

A few weeks after the crash, Edeburn received a $10,000 grant from the nonprofit Running 4 Heroes Inc., which honors members of law enforcement who die or are seriously injured while on duty.

"It's amazing that he's standing here and not permanently paralyzed or even in the grave," Fletcher said during the ceremony with Edeburn at his side in a leg brace and gripping a walker.

Edeburn followed and said, "I want to thank the people who were there with me that night. If it wasn't for my partners, especially with the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office and New Brighton [police], there's a good chance I might not have made it out of that vehicle when it was on fire."