Rachel Banham takes pride in her versatility, but she's thrilled with the specificity that has come in training camp this spring, her third with the Lynx.

The clarity, she said, is cool.

"It has been nice just to have that clear path," she said.

This year, clearly – perhaps finally – she is a point guard.

Banham, the former Lakeville North and University of Minnesota star, has not often had that luxury in six WNBA seasons.

Drafted fourth overall in 2016 by Connecticut, Banham had to deal with both some injuries and some difficulties finding a role. Sometimes the Gophers' all-time scoring leader was asked to be a spot-up shooter. Not often the college point guard – who has always felt most comfortable creating with the ball in her hands – was allowed to initiate the offense.

Even in two seasons with the Lynx her role has shifted, often being asked to back up at both guard positions.

Not this time. In a very competitive training camp, Banham is battling to be Layshia Clarendon's backup at the point in a camp where nothing is guaranteed.

And that is fine with her.

"It's bee fun to be versatile,'' said Banham. "And I'm always going to be able to play both positions. That's not going to go anywhere. But it's been nice just to have that clear path of, this is what I'm going to be, this is what I need to do. I'm playing the one, I'm the leader, I'm calling the plays, I'm doing certain things. And that's been refreshing for me.''

In two seasons with the Lynx Banham has appeared in 47 games, averaging 5.8 points, 1.9 assists and 14.5 minutes per game. She has hit on 53 of 128 threes, 41.4 percent.

As Clarendon's backup, Banham would definitely be a change of pace. Both players are good in the pick and roll, and both have a knack for getting the ball to center Sylvia Fowles at the right times.

But where Clarendon is more comfortable getting into the lane to create or score, Banham is better on the perimeter. Clarendon might be more pass first. Banham? Even as a point guard she has the green light from coach Cheryl Reeve to take an open shot.

"I count on her for her passing,'' Reeve said. "And for her decision making. Rachel is also playing with a little more physicality.''

Banham, who's in the best shape of her time with the Lynx, has been working with the staff at using angles and positioning to get better mid-range shots.

"She's learning to do that,'' Reeve said. "She's had a really nice training camp.''

The competition will ramp up when Crystal Dangerfield finishes her season overseas and joins the Lynx in camp. But Banham has used her time well in the past week, using Clarendon as a sounding board. But being able to lock into one position – her favorite position – is a key.

"It's been good not to figure out where I am,'' Banham said. "I think having a clear role is important for any player. It's been nice having that.''