With 448 saves in 38 games played, the Packers’ goalkeeper ranks first in saves in South St. Paul boys’ soccer history and second in state history in the same category. Gellerman also plays hockey and tennis for the Packers. He carries a 3.9 GPA and also plays hockey in the CCM Elite League.


Q: Your play in net is a large reason your team ended the regular season on what your coach called a “positive note.” What has been going well for you in net this season?

A: Staying focused during games, being in good position, keeping my composure and trusting my instincts. All of these things combined, along with communication with my teammates, add up to the success that my team and I have had.


Q: How does it feel to be first all-time in your school’s record books for saves and second all-time in the state?

A: It’s a humbling feeling. I’m not the type of person to brag about my stats. I believe that each one of my saves was made for my team, so my records for saves are my contributions to the team and the program.


Q: Do you like making a lot of saves in a game or would you rather not face as many shots in game?

A: I actually like making a lot of saves in games. It keeps me engaged, and I play best when I am focused.


Q: In what ways does playing goalie help prepare you/make you a better hockey player?

A: I am able to use my goalkeeper instincts and transfer them to goaltender’s instincts in hockey, so I can use that to my advantage when trying to score.