Senior year expectations: It's not just me but for all of the seniors on this team, our whole goal is to make it to [the state tournament]. We were so young last year, but we've grown and play so well together, it's a reachable goal.

 When did you start playing volleyball? In seventh grade. I definitely feel like I got a later jump than other players.

 On new head coach Jamie Suapaia: I played for him on my club team [Mizuno M1]. He's a wonderful coach. He has so much knowledge and passion for the game, it makes every day a blast. You feel like you're always getting better.

 Two former Gophers players, Jess Granquist and Kellie McNeil, are helping coach. What do they bring to the team? It's very exciting. Jess will be great for our back row and our defense and our setters are in great hands with Kellie.

 What is the strongest part of your game? Getting the kill. When the ball hits the floor, there's no other feeling like it.

 Favorite moment in match: When you get a kill and everybody on your team is jumping up and down, sharing your excitement. You know then that it's a team game.

 One thing you would change about volleyball: For the high school season, it would be nice if we could touch the net like you can in club. In club, you only have to avoid the top tape. It makes the transition from club to high school difficult.