D'Lo will be part of the inaugural "Morphologies: Queer Performance Festival" in the Twin Cities.


The Guthrie Theater's Christopher Hampton festival will not be the only theater celebration in the Twin Cities this fall.

Pangea World Theater, founded by Dipankar Mukherjee, and 20% Theatre Company, headed by Claire Avitabile, have teamed up for their inaugural “Morphologies: Queer Performance Festival.”

A mix of Twin Cities and national acts, the festival will take place over 10 days in November at various venues in Minneapolis.

The line-up includes: 

*“Becoming a Man in 127 EASY Steps,” created and performed by transgender performing artist Scott Turner Schofield. Self-described as “a man who was a woman, a lesbian turned straight guy who is often called a fag,” Schofield lets the audience choose the stories that will be told. (Nov. 9-10, Ritz Theater, 345 13th Av. NE, Mpls.) 

*The Loud and Queer cabaret, featuring poetry, dance, performance art, burlesque and music. (Nov. 11, Bryant-Lake Bowl, 810 W. Lake St., Mpls.) 

*”Seasonal Velocities,” created and performed by poet and essayist Ryka Aoki. The show excerpts stories from her book of the same name. (Nov. 12, Bryant-Lake Bowl, 810 W. Lake St., Mpls). 

*”D’FUNQT,” created and delivered by MTV performance poet D’Lo, a Tamil/Sri Lankan-American activist and provacateur. (Nov. 14-15, Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Av. S., Mpls.) 

*”Outside The Circle,” a play written and performed by Andrea Assaf and Samuel Valdez. The experimental play revolves around a straight man with cerebral palsy and his queer female friend as they recount their shared woes in the art of seduction. (Nov. 16-17, Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Av. S., Mpls.) 

*”Shaking Our Shells: Stories from On the Wings of Wadaduga,” a history-based show about “Cherokee…GLBTQ memories” written and performed by Qwo-Li Driskill. Driskill, who identifies as s/he, authored the poetry collection “Walking With Ghosts.” Nov. 18-19, Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Av. S., Mpls.)

We will post more info when it becomes available.