Every year I choose my favorite book of the year that I have read, and my favorite for 2019 was "Every Man Dies Alone," by Hans Fallada. I had read that one of his other books, "Wolf Among Wolves," was his most ambitious novel. I held off on reading it because it was almost 1,000 pages, but I found myself in 2020 with more time on my hands, all thanks to COVID-19 and two canceled trips. It is written right before World War II starts, so I get to see some of the dire circumstances of that time, in Germany. The currency is pretty much worthless and a change is on the horizon. It is a slow-moving book, and some of the language is a bit hard to understand, but I am plugging through. I still think "Every Man Dies Alone" was the better read. I had a hard time putting that book down. This book is for lazy days on the deck.

Taryn M. Eichstadt, Coon Rapids

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